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Window cleaning and window blind cleaning are must-do tasks that almost no one enjoys, unless it has become your life’s work as it has ours. We love seeing windows sparkling clean, allowing sunlight in and views out of your home, business, commercial establishment, or new construction.  SoCo Window Cleaners is locally owned and operated and provides professional window cleaning services throughout the Colorado Springs – El Paso county area. Call us or fill out our convenient contact form to receive a free estimate for professional window cleaning at a reasonable price. 

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Having to plan on cleaning the windows of your home can put a real dampener on plans for a great weekend outside once the weather gets nice enough to both clean windows, and enjoy our breathtaking Colorado natural wonders. Between having to pull all the tools and chemicals together, making sure you have enough wiping towels, hauling out the ladders, getting the tools to take the screens down, what looked like it might have been a short project can easily turn into an all day affair. Cleaning windows is simply not fun for most people. If your windows are on multiple stories of your home, it gets even more challenging to move and wrestle ladders while making sure not to damage your siding, paint, roofing, drip line, gutters, or worse.  When you are finally done, you get to reverse the process of putting everything up, pick up the trash, and feeling glad to know that job is once again, done. We hope you did walk the house before you put up all the ladders and buckets, though, in case you missed a spot.


When you need your home’s windows cleaned, hire a professional like SoCo Window Cleaners in Colorado Springs to get the job done quickly and right. We have all the equipment to get to any part of your home where windows need attention. Our chemicals are safe for your landscaping and flowerbeds. We pride ourselves in a thorough job, leaving a spotlessly clean jobsite. Our courteous, trained staff would be happy to give you a free estimate for your home window cleaning needs. Call us or fill out our contact form to set up a convenient time for us to stop by.

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When You Look to Hire Window Cleaners in Colorado Springs These Are the Things to Know

Windows are not just made out of windowpane glass any more. At SoCo Window Cleaners we are seeing an increasing number of vinyl, specialty glass, Lexan, pexi-glass, and other synthetic materials going into windows. It is important when you hire a company to do your window cleaning to ask if they are familiar with your window materials and the treatments on your windows. Some UV protection films, tinting, color applications, and other applied materials will not hold up to certain types of cleaning agents or equipment used to clean the surface of the windows. An experienced window cleaner like SoCo Window Cleaners in Colorado Springs knows the difference and has the training, tools, and professional materials to clean your kind of windows, leaving them sparkling clean and without any damage to the surfaces. 


You should always ask whom else the company you are considering hiring does work for, especially for commercial accounts they service. A reputable company will be happy to supply references where you can drive by and see the quality of their work. They will be licensed and insured, and have the appropriate equipment and materials to take care of your windows, no matter if they are on ground floor or the next story up. The jobsite should always be left clean, and the company should always do a walk around to make sure there are no streaks, smudges, or places that were missed. Taking care of the window frames, sashes, and sills is just as important to make sure the finish stays intact, there are no dings, nicks, or abrasions, and that they are left equally clean as your windows when your window cleaning job is complete.  

We Offer Service for Commercial Window Cleaning Colorado Springs CO

Making sure your business gives the best impression possible is very important to the overall feeling your customers have towards your business and services. A business that keeps their shop looking clean and taken care of reflects to a client that they, too, will be treated with equal care and respect of their property.  SoCo Window Cleaners is a locally owned and operated, licensed and insured full service window and window blind cleaning company located in Colorado Springs. We take care of commercial window cleaning accounts throughout the Pikes Peak – south central Colorado region, and we would like to give you a free quote to take care of this important but time consuming task. Window cleaning on a regular schedule helps your business look better, makes your customers respond better, and even helps with the morale of your employees when they can see out a clean window for a glimpse of the beautiful surroundings we all enjoy here in the Colorado Springs area. 


SoCo Window Cleaners has all the equipment needed to take care of your large, plate glass storefront windows, and any others in your location. We are experts at removing hard water and iron stains due to irrigation, and treat coatings and window treatments with care to maintain the integrity of the finishes on your windows. Call us or send in our contact form and we will be happy to come by and give you a free estimate for one-off service, or a standing agreement to take care of your commercial window work. We also do window blind cleaning, and would be happy to give you a quote for your establishment.  We are licensed, insured and take pride in a quality job and clean jobsite. 

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You Probably Need Window Blind Cleaning, Colorado Springs

Window blinds come in a variety of shapes, widths, lengths, sizes, and materials they are made from today. Whether it is Venetian, verticals, mini-blinds or cell structure, we can clean any and all window blinds you have in your home or business. Blinds are a specialized art these days due to the variety of materials and construction formats, and are a considerable investment, so having a professional window blind cleaning company that is familiar with your kind and make let’s you breathe a sigh of relief that the blind cleaning is one less tedious thing you have to worry about.


Cleaning window blinds is important in south central Colorado due to the regular wind we enjoy in our region. Winds here tend to carry dust and pollen, and one of the places it tends to settle in your home or business more than others is on your blinds. Keeping blinds regularly cleaned extends their life and how they function overall. This is especially important on fabric blinds, wood and bamboo, and certain types and colors of synthetics, resins, or plastic blinds that may fade or stain if dust and debris stays accumulated too long. Dust on blinds also tends to get sticky or sometimes oily, particularly in a residential environment, and being able to clean them properly without damage to the fabric is important. An experienced window blind cleaning company like SoCo Window Cleaners makes sure your blinds not only come out spotlessly clean, but they work just like they did when we started cleaning. Call us for a free estimate to get all the blinds cleaned thoroughly in your business or home. The air quality will improve, your HVAC system will have less work to do with a cleaner air environment, and you will appreciate being able to change or move your blinds without having to wash your hands after touching them. 


We Are Post Construction Colorado Springs Window Cleaners

It does not matter if it is a new home or office, a remodeling project, repairs, a new roof or siding, or even just a porch, any type of construction tends to make a mess of your windows. If you’re looking for a good local company that wont make a huge mess when repairing or replacing your roof we recommend this Website.  By their nature windows attract dust, sawdust, get hit with paint particles, and inevitably someone drips caulk or other compounds on them during the construction phase. With the many treatments and coatings on modern windows, it can be a challenge to remove construction debris, dirt, or materials from the windowpane, facings, frames, and sills without damaging the finish or material the window is constructed from. When you are faced with a post construction mess on your windows, contact SoCo Window Cleaners for a free estimate on getting them cleaned and sparkling like new. Our trained staff knows how to get various materials off without marring finishes, and prides themselves in careful, conscientious work that not only leaves your windows clean but your landscape intact and home or building without dings and damage. We have the equipment to take care of paint overspray and other harder to remove materials, as well as scaffolding, ladders, and other tools of the trade that allow us to safely access your higher stories or windows that are on sides of a building over a hill or slope.  Contact us for a free estimate and you will learn why so many owners and builders use our services to get your windows clean and ready to turn over as part of a complete project. We look forward to getting your project turnkey ready.